How to apply an OD(On Duty) In Exenta HRMS

Home Knowledge Base Attendance Settings Leave How to apply an OD(On Duty) In Exenta HRMS
  1. Primarily Login to Exenta HRMS, enter the given Username and Password
  2. On the Home Screen, click onto Leave Module on the left top bar.
  3. On clicking the Leave Module, you will be taken to the Leave area and the menus related will appear on the right side.
  4. From the menu click onto Manage OD and thus the OD page appears.
  5. Now, click onto Apply OD and at once the form appears and fill in the details in the necessary fields.
  6. Choose the OD type by the dropdown
  7. Determine the Day Type if its is full day, first half day, second half day so on.
  8. Choose the From date To Date,Start Time and End Time, and the total time according to the keyed in details, gives the result automatically.
  9. Point out the reason in the blank space provided and click onto submit to complete the step.

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