How to Configure the Position Management in Exenta HRMS

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Position Management in Exenta provides the tool to set up hierarchical positions or the departments present in an organization.It basically explains how each positions are structured in an organization chart for an easier identification of the levels of position included.

  1. Primarily, Login to Exenta HRMS using your Username and Password
  2. On the Home Screen, Click onto the configuration Icon at the top right corner.
  3. On Clicking the Configuration Icon you will be taken to the Configuration Area
  4. Now, In the configuration area Menus will appear on the Right side of the page.
  5. From the menu area, please click onto General and the Configuration icons will load at once.
  6. Among the icons, click onto Position Management on the right.
  7. As the new screen appears Fill in the position name to be entered in the space given.
  8. Determine which position to be entitled and click onto save to complete the step.
  9. Once the Position name is entered click onto it and add the Position count too to assign the position it is structured in and hit the save button below.
  10. New positions can be added with the position count too by clicking on to Add Level button below the tree.

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