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Employees are expected to meet performance standards and to conduct themselves appropriately in the workplace.  Disciplinary or corrective action is enabled in an organisation to improve unacceptable behavior or performance of an employee, when other methods such as counseling and performance appraisal have not been successful.

Note: In cases of serious misconduct, it is appropriate to proceed straight to disciplinary action

Exenta has specific procedures for handling all matters related to disciplinary actions. The types of actions required for handling disciplinary actions are different depending on the type of staff member involved. This is in-order to protect the company’s interests—and to protect the interests of the employee.

  1. Primarily, Login to Exenta HRMS using your Username and Password
  2. On the Home Screen, Click onto the configuration Icon at the top right corner.
  3. On Clicking the Configuration Icon you will be taken to the Configuration Area
  4. Now, In the configuration area Menus will appear on the Right side of the page.
  5. From the menu area, please click onto HR Utility and the Configuration icons will load at once.
  6. Among the icons, click onto Disciplinary Actions at the right
  7. There are two sections under the Disciplinary Actions Area and they are the given below with detailed explanation;

    A) To set up the steps in processing suspension of an employee

    There may be performance, conduct or safety incidents so problematic and harmful that the most effective action may be the temporary removal of the employee from the workplace. When immediate action is necessary to ensure the safety of the employee or others, the immediate supervisor may suspend the employee pending the results of an investigation.
    1) In the Disciplinary action Icon click onto Set Suspension Process Button
    2) At once, the form with the specifications to be filled in appears below
    3) Fill in the necessary items.
    i) Choose the company by the dropdown
    ii) Check mark yes/no if he suspension is without pay, If allowed to reduce without pay period and if a letter on rejoining is to be issued.
    iii) Key in the no.of days in the rest of the necessary columns if applicable.
    iv) Click onto update to complete the set up

    B) To add a Compliant Category and a Complaint Type

    When an employee experience an occasional concern or complaint in the course of their job HR Utility in Exenta handles the complain and grievances and to configure these are explained below;

    i) In the Disciplinary Actions Area Click onto Add Complaint Category and if there should be  a complaint type to be set up within the category, click onto Add Complaint type Respectively.
    ii) In the Add Complaint Category, To add a new category click on the add new category button on the right.To choose an already added one choose by the dropdown.
    iii) To decide on whom to assign as a panel member click onto Add Employee button
    iv) Search for the employee and the details of the employee shall be enlisted below and select the desired one and click onto submit button
    v) To remove, click onto the remove button under the Action area.
    vi) Once it is all set up click onto save and successfully saved message notification appears.
    vi) To add a complaint type click onto Add Complaint type button below.
    vii) Choose the Complaint Category by the dropdown
    vii) The configured Panel Member respective to the raised complaint category appears in the Panel Members section
    viii) Key in the Complaint Type.If more types are to be added click onto Add More Types button on the right.
    ix) To complete the set up click onto submit below.

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