How to Configure the Work Timing in Exenta HRMS

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  1. Primarily Login to Exenta HRMS, enter the given Username and Password
  2. On the Home Screen, Click onto the configuration Icon at the top right corner.
  3. On Clicking the Configuration Icon you will be taken to the Configuration Area
  4. Now, In the configuration area Menus will appear on the Right side of the page.
  5. From the menu area, please click onto Attendance Settings  and the Configuration icons will load at once.
  6. Among the icons, click onto Work Timing on the left side.
  7. As the new screen appears, Click onto Add Work Timing and the document to be filled in with necessary details shall appear.
  8. To set up a work timing
    i) Choose the company by the dropdown
    ii) Opt for the type of the shift by the dropdown
    iii) Give in a code for the type of work chosen previously and accordingly pick a color for the respective work types.
    iv) Fix the total working hours to be set up per day, week or month.
    v) Decide on when it should be effective from
    vi) Check mark the days it should be active on, input the no.of days to be working in a week, Fix the areas in which the regularization would be applicable for
    vii) Determine the start time, end time, mandatory start time and mandatory end time by the calendar enabled in the box.
    viii) Fix the Maximum Minimum and Average Working hours per day.
    ix) Determine on the productivity calculation start time and end time by the calendar provided in the box
    x) Choose yes/no if there is a fixed time for lunch.If yes, then input the necessary details in the boxes that appear and choose yes/no if any timing for the sessions are enabled and input the details in the following boxes that appear.

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