How to Manage Job Portal in Exenta HRMS Hiring.

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Job Portals are the meeting points for the recruiters and the job seekers where each goals is to meet their particular requirements. Recruiters  fill their job openings with the right candidate with the right qualification and ability to handle the responsibilities efficiently.

In Exenta HRMS Job Portal;

  1. Primarily, Login to Exenta HRMS, enter the given Username and Password
  2. On the Home Screen, Click onto the Hiring Module at the top  left corner.
  3. The new screen that appears will have the Hiring Process Menu on the right side of the screen and in the menu click onto Manage Job Portal.
  4. You will be now taken to the job portal page where job seekers can try to find a job among the jobs posted or through a refined search at the right.
  5. To register and use the job portal click onto the sign in button on the top right and click onto register .Thus fill in the necessary details and submit and the login password can be created and use the account.
  6. New jobs can be posted too with an account
  7. If you don’t want to fill in the details fill in the areas under ‘Don’t want to fill in details? and upload the resume and this way it is possible to search for the respective job offers in the company as well as apply for a particular jobs posted.

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