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This feature in Exenta HRMS mainly displays the count of candidates hired, the offer letter sent to them, offer accepted, offer negotiated and offer rejected against each position.

Note:These are illustrated in a pie diagram at the right side of the page.Clicking on the graph shows the percentage of the sent or accepted ones.

  1. Primarily, Login to Exenta HRMS, enter the given Username and Password
  2. On the Home Screen, Click onto the Hiring Module at the top  left corner.
  3. The new screen that appears will have the Hiring Process Menu on the right side of the screen and in the menu click onto Manage Offer Letter.
  4. As the screen appears, choose the company by the drop down and make the search by job code or job title and the list appears with the above said graph contents in detail
  5. In the list shown below click onto process button on the right.
  6. The new page appears with four sections.i) All Offer Letters ii) Accepted Offer Letter iii) Extended Offer Letter iv) Rejected Offer Letter
    i) In all the offer letters section, there are diagram charts to represent the no.of candidates, shortlisted one, Interviewed ones, Offer Letter Accepted ones.
    ii)On the left, the details of the Job requested by, approver and the recruiter are given
    iii) On the right, shows the Candidate Lists to whom the offer letter has been sent. In the list, the resume of the candidate can be downloaded as well as viewed and in actions click onto process button and in the form that appears, fill in the necessary details in the required field in the Candidate Details, Interview Details and download or view Offer Letter and click onto send mail button next to it.

    In the rest of the sections all the approved, rejected and extended offer  letters can be viewed.








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