How to Request for a Feedback in Performance Module in Exenta HRMS

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  1. Primarily, Login to Exenta HRMS, enter the given Username and Password
  2. On the Home Screen, Click onto the Hiring Module at the top left corner.
  3. The new screen that appears will have the Appraisal Management on the right side of the screen.
  4. As the screen appears, it appears with two sections mainly.i) My Feedback and ii) Feedback Given
  5. In the My Feedback Section, click onto Request Feedback button on the right.
  6. As the feedback form appears, determine the Feedback Authority by clicking onto the hand sign.Thus search for the employee to be assigned as authority and the employee details appears below in a listed format.Select the employee and hit submit button below to complete the step.
  7. Fill in the Request Details and Request Message in the blank space provided
  8. Click save button below and complete the step.
  9. In the My Feedback section there are two columns showing Feedback Received and Awaiting Feedback.The Feedback if not received yet or pending ones appear below the Awaiting Feedback and the received ones shall appear below the feedback received column.

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