How to Onboard a New Hire in Exenta HRMS

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This article provides detailed instructions  on, On-boarding a new hire in Exenta  HRMS.

Types of Onboarding

  1.  Single On-boarding
  2. Bulk/Quick On-boarding

    Logging into Exenta HRMS.

    Adding a new employee to Exenta HRMS can only be done by employees who have access to Onboarding. If you do not have access please contact the Super admin.
  3. Primarily, Ensure that your On-boarding configuration is completed.
  4. Login to Exenta HRMS, enter the given Username and Password
    Note: The on-boarding can be done only through the Admin page of  Exenta HRMS.

    Single On-Boarding

    This type of On-boarding is carried out if there is only a single  employee to be onboarded.
  5. Click onto “On-boarding” at the top left side of the home screen.
  6. As the page appears, Click onto ” New Employee” on the left.On the following page, fill in the necessary details in the given form .
  7. In the form, the symbol * depicts the mandatory field.
  8. Choose Yes/No in the ‘Is Manual Process’.If no, then an on-boarding link shall be sent to the  new hire’s email ID and clicking the specific link on it will help the new employee complete the process of on-boarding systematically and effectively.
  9. An example of the onboarding link is given below.

    Bulk Onboarding
    This method is carried out in the case of bulk on-boarding of new joiners/hires.
  10. Once you login to Exenta HRMS, Click onto the Configuration symbol on the top right hand side of the home screen.
  11. On Clicking the Configuration Icon you will be taken to the Configuration Area
  12. In the configuration area, Menus appear on the Right hand side
  13. Now, Please click on the Menu called On boarding and the Configuration icons will load
  14. Among the Icons, Please click onto the Quick On-boarding to onboard New Hires in a bulk form.
  15. In the Quick Onboarding page, choose the Employee  Types to Import,Company Branch from the Dropdown.
  16. Next Click onto the “Generate and Download Template for Importing Excel Data.”Once the Excel Sheet is downloaded, Fill in the necessary details of the New Hires and save.
  17. From the “Choose File” right below, attach the excel file saved and click onto Import, to complete the bulk on-boarding.

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